About The Cheap Seats

The Cheap Seats is Centre's Finest Magazine Since 1819, and your alternative source for the campus's best poetry and prose. Our issues are short because we're dedicated to quality and we pay our contributors.

Write For Us

We are always reviewing submissions looking for the next inspiring piece and next great writer, and we always pay the authors of pieces we choose to print. We have no guidelines for genre or format. Submit your short stories, your poems, your poetry cycles, your horoscopes, your essays, your scripts and anything else. We're trying to produce an eclectic and independent mix of all the writing talent Centre has to offer, available for free to the whole campus.

We are a completely independent operation. We are not a club of Centre's and we receive no outside funding. This means that we can produce the magazine we want when we want with the content we love. It also means we are always short of funds. However, we are dedicated to the idea that writers deserve some amount of payment whenever their work is used. Thus, we are able to offer $5 for each submission we accept, regardless of length or format. We also accept exceptionally few works, to allow us to keep paying this.

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